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- Equipping the Saints
- Facilitating Destiny
- Releasing Ministers

About Our Vision

El-Bethel Fellowship is a multidimensional vibrant community of believers. We believe in the mandate of the church to dominate the Seven Mountains of Influence. (http://www.reclaim7mountains.com).

Our Vision and Mission is:

- Equipping the Saints
- Facilitating Destiny
- Releasing Ministers

Our Vision to Disciple Nations is about advancing the Kingdom Of God through systematic teaching of the word of God. 

Through the teaching of the Word we inculcate a Kingdom mindset and a dominion mentality.

Through the prophetic grace upon the house, we facilitate the destiny of Gods people.

Through the apostolic fathering anointing of the ministry we release ministers both into the marketplace as well into local church ministry.

About Discipling Nations?

Why disciple nations when Jesus said to "Go into all the world" and "For God so loved the world"? And why disciple nations when we have our own local issues and matters to attend to?

Discipling nations stands between the individual and the world. I.e. The way we disciple nations is one person at a time.

When we have discipled one person, we have moved closer to seeing a region/province discipled and when we see a region discipled we will will see a nation impacted.

When a nation is impacted, it affects the continent and the continent leads to world discipleship as Jesus intended.

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